Violence & Desire in Film


Thanks for your interest in the film fragment festival Violence & Desire in Film on Nov 6th! With the voordekunst crowdfunding campaign we have achieved our minimum target amount and we are very happy with that! We would like to thank all donors very much. Now our anniversary event on November 6 can be realized!

Because not all costs were included in the target amount, we still need the support of new donors. We would also very much like to make a new publication for making René Girard's ideas about mimesis and violence accessible to a wide audience.

If you would like to contribute, you can send your donation to account number NL42 ABNA 0604 7727 85 of Stichting Girard Studiekring, with the message "contribution anniversary 2021". You can send an email to Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. in which you can indicate which 'reward' you would like to receive:

  • € 10 : Access to the live stream and access later to the video registration with English subtitles
  • € 50 : Access to the theatre hall of De Balie in Amsterdam on 6 November
  • € 75 : Your name or logo on the credits of the video
  • € 250 : Meet and greet with Arnon Grunberg after the interview in De Balie on 6 November




Award-winning novelist Arnon Grunberg is one of Holland’s most prominent public intellectuals. For years, he has written a front-page column in De Volkskrant, one of the largest newspapers in Holland. Now he will be featured in Violence & Desire in Film, helping audiences everywhere engage with René Girard’s mimetic theory, one of Grunberg’s important interests. Viewers will have a chance to look at the world through a mimetic lens, by watching the film fragments, following the discussions they inspire and relating them to what is happening in the world today.

Violence & Desire in Film will use a dialogue format. Grunberg will be in conversation with Girard scholar Joachim Duyndam, professor of philosophy at the University of Humanistic Studies in Utrecht. Grunberg uses film fragments as a way to sustain a wide-ranging discussion – modelled on a popular Dutch programme, in which artists, writers and others discuss their favourite film and television fragments.

To all donors the video registration will be made available with English subtitles after the event on Nov 6th, offering the rest of the world a chance to engage with Holland’s vibrant intellectual life.



Arnon Grunberg

Arnon Grunberg is a famous and prize-winning novelist in Holland. He is also someone who makes himself heard in debates about what is going on in the present world. For years he has written a column on the front page of De Volkskrant, one of the largest newspapers in Holland. It is in those columns one occasionally sees the name René Girard.

In his comments and articles Grunberg often challenges the consensus among intellectuals. For example, his essay on Donald Trump, is introduced with the following words: ‘Right-minded Westerners like to see Trump as Other, as a scapegoat. But in that we are fooling ourselves, Arnon Grunberg writes. Trump is our culture, but without disguise. “He made visible what should have remained invisible.”’

Last year Grunberg received the honour to speak on May 4th, the commemoration day of World War II. His Jewish background makes him especially sensitive to different types of being an outsider. Being a prominent artist in the Netherlands and having mimetic theory as one of his resources makes him a great candidate for the program as we envisage it. We are very happy with Arnon Grunberg’s cooperation. Preparations are in an advanced stage by now.


Joachim Duyndam

Joachim Duyndam is full professor of philosophy at the University of Humanistic Studies in Utrecht. Mimetic theory plays an important role in his thinking and writing. He has been a member of the Dutch Girard Society since 2007, when he gave the keynote address with Sandor Goodhart on Girard and Levinas at the COV&R conference in Amsterdam.

He also lectured at the 2010 Summer School on Mimetic Theory. He is a regular visitor of and presenter at the COV&R conferences. He served as a board member for two terms (2013-2019) and has participated in presentations and debates together with many Girardian scholars, including Robert Hamerton-Kelly, Sandor Goodhart and Jean-Pierre Dupuy. Duyndam regularly publishes articles about mimetic theory in scientific and popular philosophical magazines.