Course Materials

Recommended readings

* Books by René Girard in Imitatio's online library
* Girardian Annotated Bibilography & Links Page 
* Mimesis database (University Innsbruck)

* Background MT in relation to the ESS : Simon Simonse, "What is mimetic theory".
* Exploration of the Summer School theme 'Crisis and Truth': Wiel Eggen, Truth?
* Interview with René Girard, 'Oppostion to Darwinism has melted away' (see attachment below)
* Paul Dumouchel, txt (restricted area)

Asssigned readings

* Michael Kirwan, Discovering Girard (Cambrigde, Mass.: Cowley, 2005).  After registration all students and partcipants will receive this book. For a review of this book, click attachment below.

(course units, login required)

* Paul Dumouchel, txt
* Niki Wandinger, txt 
* Hans Weigand, txt
* Benoit Chantre, txt
* Mark Anspach, txt