Teachers & Staff

There will be a core team present during the whole of the course. General coordinator of the European Summer School 2010 is Thérèse Onderdenwijngaard (secretary Dutch Girard Society, member COV&R Board & Imitatio's Education Committee), in collaboration with Michael Elias (chairman Dutch Girard Society).
Other core team members are: James Alison (chairman of  Imitatio Education Committee), Paul Dumouchel (currently professor at Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan), who has been publishing on mimetic theory since the eighties (in 1985 he edited, together with Jean-Pierre Dupuy, the collection Violence and truth), Michael Kirwan (organizer of COV&R 2009 and writer of the highly readable introduction Discovering Girard) and Suzanne Ross - co-founder of the Raven Foundation.

Apart from the core team there will be a number of guest teachers who will offer a course during one or a few days. Teachers who have agreed to participate are.

- Mark Anspach
- Joachim Duyndam
- Michael Hardin
- Els Launspach
- Simon Simonse
- Hans Weigand
- Nikolaus Wandinger
- Benoit Chantre

Berry Vorstenbosch offers general support and is the webmaster for the Summer School 2010 website. Lindy Fishburne is director of Imitatio, sponsor of the Summer School programme.